Yoga is a healing path when practiced compassionately. All of the bodies from the physical, energetic, emotional and wisdom bodies are connected when approached with understanding. The collective body is always in flux and the practice of yoga is one path of many to provide clarity, resilience and ultimately, a deep presence and connection within and to all life. Our unique identities are multilayered and need to  be experienced with deep respect and appreciation.


embrace the beauty and lifelong relationship to in yoga  to invite an embodied practice to cultivate joy, compassion, understanding and connection to the divinity of being human in the art of life.  My personal healing path and love of working with people to access their inherent capability to heal and be connected to their true nature is what drives my teaching. 

I am interested in how our history, life experience and the emotional  body effect our relationship to our own being, body and to the way we engage in life. Curiosity and my passion for healing led me to complete studies in Somatic Experiencing based on the work of Peter Levine. In 2017 I became an Somatic Experiencing Practitioner which informs not only my teaching and understanding, but the way I move in and through life.

Working with me as a facilitator, teacher and witness to explore your unique being in a supportive way is a sacred act and the greatest honor and privilege for me.

I have been teaching extensively from 2011 in Los Angeles and internationally. I believe firmly in the path of liberation and social justice for all people and a need to deeply engage actively in honoring and protecting the planet we are a part of.  I am a first and a half  generation immigrant of Iranian and Tatar descent currently living on Tongva land. I am bilingual and teach Yoga and provide individual and group SE sessions in both English and Farsi.





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