“Orameh is a gifted yogi and teacher, her classes combine a grounded mix of yoga techniques that warm and stretch the body, strengthen the core and create an energized, mindful experience. I’ve been practicing yoga for seventeen years now and I find that Orameh’s classes are some of the best in LA!”  - Barbara Cohen



"My weekly yoga practice with Orameh is a unique, refreshing, and holistic respite from the challenges of everyday life.  The spiritual retreat she provides through her thoughtful, sophisticated, and professionally informed methods consistently contributes to my personal well-being, body and soul.  I look forward to practice because each class offers something new, surprising, and nourishing in ways I did not expect.  No two classes are ever the same, and each feels like a mysterious but entirely safe, peaceful journey.  Where will we go?  What will I find there, inside of myself?  Can I trust, and let go?  Can I try something different today?  Yes. With Orameh's loving confidence, I've found a place where I can take a moment to fully embrace myself. Orameh's guidance has brought me to discover such vital connections between yoga and life -- that stretching, breath, and motion are not just about our physical nature, but how our minds process life events.  I'm developing skills to filter stress and anxiety, and observe "obstacles" that come up in my path as opportunities to evolve.  Yoga with Orameh brings light to fundamental yet mystical truths: Life is about adapting to the unexpected through flexibility, movement, breathing, letting go of control, and embracing the present moment, no matter what.  Being in the studio with Orameh puts these abstract concepts on the mat in a literal practice.  What a liberation, to get these concepts out of our heads and manifested into something real! With each pose, we take gorgeous, vital steps toward self-acceptance, patience, and spiritual fulfillment.  Thank you, Orameh, for leading the way and making it safe to venture forward."  - Sarah Clothier 


"Practicing yoga with Orameh changed my view about yoga. Working with Orameh has changed my life.  Orameh’s warm, loving energy and compassionate teaching style is welcoming. Every class is an opportunity to learn something new and to explore something within myself physically, mentally and emotionally…" - Donnie Cervantes

"When I first moved to LA, I tried various studios, but had some trouble finding a style that resonated with me.  When I took my first class with Orameh, I knew that I didn't need to continue searching for the right studio any longer.  Orameh's style of teaching is, for me, gentle, healing, and welcoming, but it's also a wonderful workout and always leaves me feeling more peaceful than when I walked in the door.  I like that she helps with poses; the slight adjustments that she does make a world of difference in really feeling the effects of the position.  The class is challenging but also nurturing, which is an impressive accomplishment.  I wish I could go to class every day. " - April Quire

"Between work and graduate school, it is hard for me to find time to take care of my body, but the significant improvement I feel after Orameh's classes keeps me coming back on a regular basis, and provides me with the incentive to maintain my yoga practice even when life gets overwhelming. Orameh does a great job of leading students to explore subtle movements and the connection between mind, body and breath within complex poses and series, which is not an easy thing to do. Moreover, she makes students of all ages and abilities feel comfortable and welcome. I often find myself waiting for her next class, and my only regret is that I can't take them every day." - Sasha

"Orameh teaches students to be accepting of where we currently stand, while giving us just the right amount of push for us to grow stronger.

I have had a pretty severe back pain for over 10 years and after practicing regularly with Orameh, my back pain has noticeably reduced.

I have also learned to manage work stress & became more calm. In addition, I have eventually learned to hold poses that I had never thought I could do! Every time I finish practice with her, I feel calm, peaceful & happy. I'm thankful for meeting Orameh because she has helped me become a happier, healthier person inside & out." - Chihiro Thompson

"I could easily describe my life as 'before OM' (Orameh) and 'after OM'. When I first nervously stepped foot into my first Forrest Yoga class with Orameh I was a tightly wound, badly slept ball of anxiety. But after only a few short weeks I noticed a distinct shift happening right before my eyes. What was truly surprising is that it was not just my hips or shoulders that felt more open or the fact I could now touch my toes or stand in warrior poses without shaking- it was that I actually felt more centered and confident off the mat as well. The way I engaged with the world had begun to change for the better. I attribute this transformation to Orameh's incredible ability to teach intuitively and give every student the personal attention he or she needs, making each class feel uniquely tailor-made and free of ego or pretention. Every student is able to work at their own level and pace, while gaining a wonderfully rounded and clear understanding of every aspect of the practice (and have a lot of fun along the way!). I have lost count of the number of times we finished class and all I could say was "wow"  as I left class feeling a hundred times better than when I walked in, a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I am indebted to Orameh for helping me discover the joy of yoga and for giving me the confidence to reconnect with my physical self in a way I know will serve me for the rest of my life. I think of Orameh not just as a yoga teacher, but as a healer, a guide, and now a friend." - Caroline Parkinson

"Orameh was my first yoga teacher in LA back in 2013 and our resonance with one another was immediate. She helped guide me through the journey of discovering a practice that’s become one of my most important and meaningful outlets of expression, at a time when I needed it most. She’s a woman who inspires people lucky enough to know her to breathe deeper, open their hearts to the world, think and act with intent, and tap into the energy around them; a woman who became a support system for me through one of the toughest periods of my life. Today I stand a little taller, sink a little deeper, and challenge myself to open up, breathe, and grow. Endlessly grateful for all her guidance and support over the years and proud to call her a teacher, a mentor, and a dear friend." - Matt Pappo

"I have attended Orameh's Forrest Yoga classes for the better part of the last two years.  Orameh captures both the gravity and the lightness of yoga, creating an experience that is challenging, grounding, and thoughtful for all levels of students.  At the outset, I was a near-beginner, with a rudimentary yoga vocabulary and decent overall fitness but not much else.  Because of her talent in creating a very personal practice for each of her students, however, Orameh's classes feel much the same now as they did at the very beginning: inspiring me to try new things, pushing my limits in small but significant ways, and fostering a sense of mental clarity---all without ever being intimidating.  I enjoy now, as I have since the beginning, the sense of being a part of a careful discipline.  It has been a joy to slowly but consistently advance in that discipline, with Orameh as a guide." - Ashley

"I started my first yoga class with Orameh, and I have loved the practice and her teachings ever since. She is very helpful and allows different options and challenges for students. I have gained both spiritual and physical benefits from practicing with Orameh. She takes the time to make sure each individual is getting the best possible guidance for practice. Her explanation of poses is easy to understand and she brings a great sense of peace to each class. Orameh has made practicing at home outside of class easier and fun to learn and continue to grow." - Becky Romano

"I met Orameh 2 years ago when I moved to LA from Houston. Houston was the first place where I, advised by my chiropractor,started practicing yoga. So I went to LA with a way of practicing, but when I met Orameh things started to change...

Within a short period of time after I started attending her classes I began to experience changes in myself like having more balance, better reflexes, more awareness of my body and my inner feelings. I also became more aware of the way I breathe and how to use it to relax or to help me accomplish a difficult asana.

Her classes were also fun and she gave us options to achieve different poses like a headstand, a crow pose, pigeon, camel pose, etc. always reminding us to breathe, and to respect and honor our body, but at the same time encouraging us to accomplish what we were trying to do. That way my thought of “I cannot do this, I am too old to do it” shifted to “Yes I can do it!”

What I appreciated the most was her commitment  with the practice, and her students, always willing to give the best of herself and her knowledge in order to help us grow from within. With her teachings my approach to Yoga shifted to a life journey instead of a physical practice." - Astrid Alcala

"In ways that always astound me, yoga helps me burst out past the seams of old, stale behaviors and patterns that no longer serve me. It feeds my consciousness, cleanses emotional dross, and builds strength of mind, body and spirit. Working with Orameh specifically has taught me to let go of some of my fears, to trust my body and my own strength and to truly appreciate the growth and progress that I have experienced. Orameh has a clear vision of where a good yoga practice will take you – a path that leads to healing, growth, acceptance and satisfying change. She is an insightful guide, a patient teacher and a compassionate kindred spirit." - Sarena Fuller

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